MODEL: Grab-N-Go Active bottle

capacity: 32oz (1 quart) 

Color: Orange
Material: Vacuum insulated powder coated stainless steel 

Model: Awakening glass water bottle

capacity: 32oz (1 quart) 

Color: Clear with silicone sleeve - color options of black or blue
Material: Glass with silicone sleeve for impact resistance

Model: 430A

​Color: Cabinet - White, Wrap - Silhouette of Human Body
Material: Fiberglass​

Grab-N-Go water bottle

glass water bottle

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water by awakening

For water, glass is the choice of restaurateurs around the globe. Awakening’s branded reusable glass bottle is heat treated to withstand large temperature variations with increased impact resistance, similar to a car windshield. The silicone protective bumpers improve impact resistance and grip. With its refillable feature, customers will be a part of the worldwide Green Initiative and economic savings regarding environmental footprint concerns of one time use bottled water.

Not only is there vending of the freshest luxury water experience with Water by Awakening, consumers now have the option to stand apart with their own high-quality glass!


Whether on the gulf course, trekking or relaxing poolside, the reusable grab-n-go active bottle keeps water cold for up to 24 hours, helping to preserve the powerful electrons in Water by Awakening.  It includes 2 lids:  the first, a screw on handle that spins on tight and secure that can easily be carried, or attached to a backpack.  The second, provides a convenient flipping, leak-proof straw that easily disassembles for cleaning.   

Colors, words, and images were chosen methodically. Water by Awakening’s brand embodies our slogan, fuel your within™ to compete. Regardless of the medium, the message is singular - we care about hydration.

During the development and build of the 430A which vends Water by Awakening, quality remained paramount. Water by Awakening is vended in small quantities assuring the freshest water available.

In our brand development process, our marketing campaigns speak to local consumer needs. Our brand consistency in storytelling, in each market, embodies the cultural realities important to a successful localized branding campaign.

On the spot transformation of tap water from an approved public water supply into alkaline ionized drinking water enhanced with minerals and electrons. With our automated technology, we are able to monitor multiple quality parameters, including temperature and pH range of 8 -10 of each machine, every 5 seconds. When a machine is out of parameters, an automated alert is issued. We encourage vending in a reusable bottle that will last longer as an option to help reduce social concerns regarding environmental footprint of one time use bottles. Once at the 430A, consumers will insert a clean sanitized wide mouth container with a tight fitting lid into vend area. Then, remove water and store in refrigerator. Our water is best if consumed within 3 days to experience the freshest extra electrons and alkaline pH. Consumers will revisit the 430A for continuous refilling, thus increasing foot traffic.  View video of how the 430A works here.

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