Xavier Krone, Web Consultant
Actively working with a host of other clients as Principal of an agency, Xavier consults to keep Awakening on the pulse of digital marketing. You will also find Xavier on staff at the University of Texas sharing his knowledge with young minds seeking an understanding of social media marketing.

The 430A vending machine which dispenses Water by Awakening was named for the exact hour CEO, Dr. Pierre had a 4:30 a.m. vision about the business.

Our Team

In the race to bring Water by Awakening to market, without the vendors and Water by Awakening team of marketing, legal, quality control, sales, and foundation advisors, the doors of the company would not have opened.

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About Us


Emile Pierre, M.D., CEO
Emile earns a living in the medical profession, but has always had a passion for chemistry. He believes that alkaline ionized water has health and performance benefits and is passionate about sharing the benefits of drinking better water to help hydrate and excel. Emile is a graduate of the Saint Louis University School of Medicine and has been a practicing physician for over 10 years. You will often see him servicing the machines as he is very hands-on in the day-to-day operations of the business.

The first prototype, created in Dr. Pierre’s garage is where testing and tweaks were made to confirm the consistency in the water quality output of Water by Awakening.

Trisha Cubit, Operations, Managing Director
Trisha delivers end-to-end strategic thinking in every aspect of the business. Formally educated in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston, Trisha has built systems and processes from scratch for businesses ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to startups needing a utility patent to attract investors. Trisha is certified in social media marketing, and runs the day-to-day operations.

Nakeisha L. Pierre, M.D., QC Product Development Advisor
Nakeisha completed post-doctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine and Tulane University. She also completed additional training at the Wharton School of Business. Nakeisha is amongst the 1% of the population that has a discernable taste bud for trace mineral concentrations and in her role, ensures the great taste of Water by Awakening is consistent.

For market research on relatability of a human body silhouette on the 430A, and use of the company’s slogan, fuel your within™, co-founder Trisha Cubit would walk up to fellow suburbanites at her local grocery store.

Water by Awakening helps achieve the hydration component, but to get the healthier living, it truly requires exercise and good nutrition with hydration. We use 24/7 social media local marketing to drive customers to locations with Water by Awakening. In an effort to build a lasting relationship, we market to capture the email address via the smartphone of the customer at the point-of-purchase. Customers (via email) stay up to date with everything hydration by becoming a member of Water by Awakening’s 75CLUB. The Water by Awakening’s 75CLUB members share inspirational stories on the road to living in a better hydration status.


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Water by Awakening’s team members volunteer in numerous community endeavors like the local ministry devoted to helping the homeless and provides direct financial support to other community-based organizations.

A future goal is to realize the funding of Awakening Foundation. Awakening Foundation’s mission, to help the poor, will be intertwined with the success of the for-profit entity Awakening Water, llc which makes Water by Awakening. The goal is to fund the foundation to help the poor in our communities.

Giving Platform: Helping the poor can take many forms and believing in the universal truths of love and family, Awakening Foundation’s primary avenues of helping the poor will be focused on fortifying the family unit and showing compassion. To that end, Awakening Foundation will focus on providing the basic necessities of food and shelter through its church-based giving. Additional giving platforms include direct giving focused on education through its scholarship initiatives; caregiver relief support for those taking care of ill or disabled loved ones; and, mental health and well-being initiatives. Believing that hard work can lead to economic stability which support and enrich families, Awakening Foundation will also support entrepreneurship incubation and innovation.

Awakening Foundation’s will be a subsidiary of its for-profit parent company, Awakening Water, LLC. Although funded entirely by donations from the for-profit parent, will be a separately registered non-profit organization with a separate board of directors, advisory board, and staff. Decisions regarding foundation giving will not be influenced by the parent company although alignment of purpose is expected. Awakening Foundation will be a hybrid entity as its existence will fully depend on the for-profit parent company whereas the for-profit parent company will maintain a firm and dedicated commitment to corporate social responsibility through its giving to the foundation.



Ernest Cubit, MBA, Strategic Business Advisor
Ernest is an Executive with P&L experience and a progressive track record building and leading organizations within multi-billion dollar publicly traded firms. Ernest has built or fixed businesses for long-term growth and/or acquisition and serves in an advisory capacity.

Atoundra Lawson, J.D., Foundation Administrator
Atoundra is a seasoned grant administrator overseeing funds at the multi-million dollar level within Washington D.C. Metro Area. She manages grant funds from multiple donors including the United States government, international non-government organizations, foundations, local government, and private donors. Atoundra brings her fifteen years of experience to her role here as well as her worldly outlook based on her international travels.